Meet April!

April Phillips is an avid home cook, mother, entrepreneur and the CEO & Founder of N.W. SALTZ.


Eight years ago after falling in love with the clean air, climate and emerging food culture of the Pacific Northwest, April moved from the Utah desert to the greater area of Portland, OR.


Shortly after moving to Oregon, she embraced the street food movement and took her love & talent of cooking to the masses and opened up her food cart Wicked Wing Shack in downtown Portland. Serving up hotwings - with her house made signature sauces - chicken sandwiches, fried pies and many other Southern goodies. The food cart however did not allow April the time she wanted at home and so Wicked Wing Shack was sold.


April's fondest memories in life started with her cute, short and plump Southern grandmother. Grandma was often in her kitchen feeding everyone who walked through the door, teaching this eager young granddaughter the basics of cooking and the joys of sharing from the heart with food.


April first started using gourmet and artisanal salts 5 years ago as an aid in her food adventures. Totally addicted to "fancy salts" and adding to her joy of cooking for others, April created N.W. SALTZ.  


N.W. SALTZ and April have a mission - helping you make long lasting memories in your kitchen, and to show the average and not so average home cook the impact of using REALLY GOOD SALTZ!


Come and share in our philosophy "Food is love and life!"


With a passion for giving back to her community, April voluneers her time and resources to a local domestic violence organization SCARS. Spreading the conversations of healthy relationships and mentoring domestic violence survivors as they discover their self esteem and begin the process of reinventing themselves to create an empowered life.

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Beaverton, Oregon