Cuban Mojo Rub


Cuban cuisine is as varied as the origins of the country itself, where it has been influenced by African, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish cultures. Traditional Cuban dishes are made from readily available, inexpensive, simple ingredients and are usually prepared and spiced to make them more flavorful. Most Cuban cooking relies on the use of a few basic spices, such as bay leaves, cumin, garlic and oregano. Most of the food is cooked slowly over a low flame and you won’t find many dishes that are deep fried or covered with creamy or heavy sauces.

Many dishes have a sofrito base. A typical sofrito is made from garlic, green pepper, onion, oregano and is quick fried in olive oil.  The sofrito base gives the food its flavor and it is used when cooking black beans, many meat dishes, stews and tomato-based sauces.   Root vegetables such as boniato (Cuban sweet potato), malanga and yucca are flavored with a marinade, called Mojo (pronounced MO-ho), which includes cumin, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, sliced raw onions and a little water.

This ultimate low salt Cuban spice blend can be used to season just about anything!. You can also make restaurant quality home made Cuban Panini sandwiches by making a flavorful Mojo dipping sauce (recipe is on the package)! We’ve made this Mojo sauce to drizzle over some fish tacos – spectacular!

Hand blended with a fragrant combination of garlic, black pepper, lime, orange, cumin and onion. Use it as a dry rub on the meat or add some beer and/or orange juice to the roasting pan. Cover and roast until the meat is’ll be juicy and loaded with flavor!

Flavor Profile:

A garlicky, low salt, Caribbean seasoning with subtle citrus notes, and a mild peppery bite.

Try it with:

Roasted pork or chicken, fish, roast beef, burgers and even as a dipping sauce.

All our RUBZ come in attractive and convenient 4" x 6.5" resealable rice paper pouches.

As always N.W. SALTZ does not use any anti caking agents, synthetic or organic.

Garlic, black pepper, salt, lime, orange, cumin and onion.