Honey Chipotle Rub


Flavor Profile:

This blend has the ideal balance of sweet and heat. We absolutely love the sweet taste provided by the honey combined with the smoky flavor of the ground chipotle powder. The granulated honey really helps to form an ideal crust that all good barbecue, grilled or smoked chicken, fish and ribs should have. The crust helps seal in the moisture and makes for a juicier meat.

How to Use It:

If you’re not familiar with a dry rub it’s a seasoning blend of dry spices and salt, the seasoning is applied to the meat and then rubbed evenly on all sides before cooking. This helps to form a tasty crust that contains tremendous flavor. If you have ever tasted great barbecue, it is most likely that a dry rub was used. Dry rubs give meats a memorable flavor. All the great barbeque cooks use dry spice rubs and now you can too.

We use as little salt as possible in our spice blends and dry rubs and prefer using other ingredients in higher amounts for the best flavor possible. We use salt to enhance the flavors of the other spices and herbs not to be the dominant flavor characteristic of the blend.

Apply our Honey Chipotle Rub liberally on all sides of your chicken or fish. As a rule of thumb we recommend starting out with 1 tablespoon of rub per pound of meat (you can always add more and an over seasoned piece of meat just doesn’t taste very good). Because of the salt in this blend there is no need to use any kind of brine or marinade.

Once the rub is applied we like to let the chicken "marinate in the seasoning" in the fridge. Once the rub has worked its way into the chicken, it will look wet and tacky.  Be sure to touch up any spots where the rub didn’t take during seasoning prior to cooking. For best results apply the rub to your chicken anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours in advance of hitting the grill, oven or smoker.

Try it with:

Chicken, white fish or shrimp. Heat lovers - finish the dish with our N.W. SALTZ Habanero salt for that extra BURN!

All our RUBZ come in attractive and convenient 4" x 6.5" resealable rice paper pouches.

As always N.W. SALTZ does not use any anti caking agents, synthetic or organic!

Granulated honey, sea salt, onion, domestic paprika, chipotle powder and Italian seasoning.