Pink Peppercorns


Pink peppercorns are the dried berries of the shrub Schinus molle, also known as the Peruvian peppertree. Pink peppercorns are not actually related to black peppercorns, but get their name from the similarities in look and their peppery flavor. Pink peppercorns are light and delicate. They crush very easily and are almost hollow. Pink peppercorns are from the genus Piper which is related to the cashew family. For this reason, you should use caution when using Pink peppercorns around any person who has an allergy to nuts.  

Pink peppercorns are most frequently used in Peppercorn blends such as our Gourmet Four Blend. They are prized for their spectacular reddish color (some folks call them red peppercorns) and the burst of sweet flavor that they can add to almost any dish.

Pink peppercorns are native to South America, more specifically Brazil and Peru. They are now grown in many parts of the world including the United States. Pink peppercorns grow wild in the states of California, Texas and Florida, and have recently been banned in Florida due to their invasive nature. The exportation of pink peppercorns from Brazil and Peru has only been happening since the late 1800’s or early 1900’s but can now be found around the world.  

N.W. SALTZ Pink Peppercorns are grown in Brazil.

Pink peppercorns can be used in a variety of dishes because their citrusy, fruit flavor combined with their peppery notes are very versatile. Try them with fruit dishes and other desserts. The light, sweet flavor of pink peppercorns is ideal for accentuating light sauces and fish while adding a splash of color.
Pink peppercorns are very popular in French dishes such as côte de boeuf with pink peppercorn sauce.

Pink Peppercorns have a delightful spicy-sweet flavor with hints of citrus.